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    Bonus Module

    • IMPORTANT READ FIRST - Self Hypnosis Audio Instructions

    • Self Hypnosis Audio Track

    • Meditation Audio Track

    • Colour Breathing Chart. How to use colour breathing for relaxation and calming down the mind.

    • Transformation Statements - READ ME FIRST

    • Personal Values List

    • Positive Emotions List

    • Positive Characteristics List

    • Negative Emotions List

    • Negative Characteristics List

    • Video 2. Dr Bruce Lipton Explains How We Are Programmed Through Repetition & Hypnosis

Philip Arundell

My name is Philip Arundell. B.Sc. Dip.Hyp MHSH, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Personal Development Coach and the creator of the Free My Mind Program©. Over the years, I have helped many adults & young people with a wide range of issues at both my practices in the UK and Asia, and as you will see from the testimonials on my website, the outcome for those people who took part in some, or all of my Free My Mind Program was truly life changing for them. I am dedicated to providing friendly and constructive solutions to promote positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace for adults and young people alike allowing them to break old habits, discover their true potential and live a happy and fruitful life through coaching and/or hypnotherapy.